Patch Notes

Patch Notes

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Another of the biggest changes is the addition of a new game mode called "Survival". In Survival mode, players will need to scavenge for resources and fight off enemies in order to stay alive. This mode will be available for both single player and multiplayer.

The addition of new enemy types. These new enemies are tougher and more dangerous than the ones found in the previous version of the game.

The most notable change is the addition of a new game mode called "Nightmare Mode". This new mode is much more challenging than the regular game, and will test even the most hardcore of players.

A number of smaller changes and fixes have also been made, including tweaks to the game's UI and controls, and various bug fixes.

Overall, this latest update should make Cult of the Lamb even more enjoyable for fans of rogue-like action-adventure games.
If you're looking for a challenge, then be sure to check out the new Nightmare Mode in Cult of the Lamb.